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8 Dec 2019 村上さん(3年)および松井研で活動していた高坂さん、青木さん(NOSAサークル)が八王子コンソーシアム学生発表会で準優秀賞を受賞しました(八王子コンソーシアム

28 Mar 2019 Labo Member updated. (研究室メンバー更新しました)

13 Dec 2018 著書「生物化学工学の基礎」がアマゾン生化学部門1位となりました(東京工科大HP

12.Nov.2018  Labo Member updated..(研究室メンバー更新しました)

Welcome to BP-lab@TUT!!

We are aiming at an efficient bioprocess construction for Environmental preservation, Advanced food production (including fermented foods), Drugs, and functional chemical production with the development of novel bioresources library.  Of course, we would like to enjoy such reseach with our student members by experiencing the importance of careful discussion, cooperative minds, and presentation of the outcome.  Technically, you could learn microbial experiments, fermentation engineering, genetic engineering, microbial biochemistry and analytical tools such as GC/HPLC. 


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